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Just in the past five years, environmental concerns have quickly expanded beyond sustainability metrics such as carbon emissions and life cycle to the wider effects of climate change and how extreme weather events and drastic temperature swings are affecting the global population. It’s become clear that while producing more sustainable products is vital, these products must also be designed for resiliency to ensure that structural stability and life safety are maintained in the event of severe weather such as fire, hurricanes, flooding, extreme cold, and heat. Innovative manufacturers have stepped up to produce fiber cement that is not only sustainable but has the flexibility to function in a broad range of climate zones with weather-, fire-, and pest resistance while offering expansive design options. This course will discuss the growing need for resilient building products and how continuous improvement and innovation from fiber cement manufacturers are helping to meet this need.

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Learning Hours: 1 hour
Credit Designation: AIA LU/HSW
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Start date: 01/10/24
End date: 12/11/26

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